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Check out our Breakout Room App, twine for Zoom! Virtual speed-dating events have become a great way for friends, coworkers, classmates, and more to connect online. To create a virtual speed dating event in less than 5 minutes, you can use a combination of Zoom and Glimpsea platform made for round-robin video calls.

Instead of having to manually create multiple Zoom breakout rooms and consistently rotate them, you can send a link to join a Glimpse room through the Zoom chat. In a Glimpse room, people are automatically matched for one-on-one video calls. This zoom whiteboard not working – you to the Glimpse log-in page.

You can create a Glimpse zoomm with your phone number, email, or Facebook account. Pick out Glimpse settings that fit your event: When creating a room, you can customize settings to make for a personalized Glimpse experience. To start off, you can brand your event by picking out a room name and adding an event description.

Next, you can customize your matching options by selecting how long each pair is matched for, the number of match extensions, and zoo, people are matched randomly or by match type ex. Create a Zoom meeting, say any announcements, and send a zoom online speed dating – none: to a Glimpse room: Nonee: last step is to bring everyone together in a Zoom meeting, give a brief zooom of zoom online speed dating – none: the Glimpse speed dating event will run, send out the Glimpse room link, and start Glimpsing!

If you have any questions about using Glimpsereach out to support joinglimpse. All Posts. Zoo to do Speed-Dating on Zoom. Recent Posts See All.



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Over the past year, online speed dating events through Zoom and other applications have become really popular. Glimpse is a platform that rotates people through one-on-one, time boxed calls. With Glimpse, you have the ability to utilize awesome features such as fun icebreakers, games, and a photo-booth tool.

By hosting speed dating events on Glimpse, you can easily set up interesting ice-breaker questions to get to know someone better. Sometimes interesting questions can spark great conversations.

So the next time you think about hosting a speed-dating event, here is a list of 10 questions to help facilitate the conversation:.

Do you have an inside joke with friends or family? How did it begin? Is there a problem or situation for which you could use some advice? What historical figure would you most like to sit and have a conversation with over tea? What was the hardest time of your life, and how did you make it through? What is one childhood memory that you remember especially well? Have you ever desired or longed for something, but once you got it, discovered it was overrated?

To use custom icebreakers with Glimpse:. Pro tip: copy a comma separated list. How to do Speed-Dating on Zoom. All Posts. Davin Tan. Recent Posts See All.


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