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Advice to Ministries on legal matters including interpretation of the Constitution and the laws, conveyancing and engagement of counsel to appear on behalf of the Union of India in the High Courts and subordinate courts where the Union of India is a party. Reciprocal arrangements with foreign countries for the service of summons in civil suits for the execution of decrees of Civil Courts, for the enforcement of maintenance orders, and for the administration of the estates of foreigners dying in India intestate.

Authorization of officers to execute contracts and assurances of property on behalf of the President under Article 1 of the Constitution, and authorization of officers to sign and verify plaints or ссылка statements in suits by or against the Central Government. Indian Legal Service. Treaties and agreements with foreign countries in matters of civil law.

Law Commission. Legal Profession including the Advocates Act, 25 of and persons entitled to practice before High Courts. Enlargement of the jurisdiction of Supreme Court and the conferring thereon of further powers; persons entitled to practice before the Supreme Court, references to the Supreme Court under Article of the Constitution of India.

Administration of the Notaries Act, 53 of Income-tax Appellate Tribunal. The Department is also administratively concerned with all the matters relating to the Indian Legal Service.

With a view to promote studies and research in law and for improvement in legal profession, this Department sanctions grant-in-aid to certain institutions engaged in these fields like Indian How to arrange zoom meeting in hindi – none: Institute. The nature of duties discharged can be broadly classified into two areas- Advice work and Litigation work. The work relating to tendering of legal advice and conveyancing has been distributed amongst groups of officers. The Department has a special cell, namely, Implementation Cell for dealing with the implementation of the recommendations of the Law Commission and the administration of the Advocates Act, and the Advocates Welfare Fund Act, It also deals with the legal profession.

However, presently the work relating to these two organisations is being handled at Additional Secretary level. With the development of the society the legal profession underwent a metamorphosis and several attempts have been made for proper dispensation of justice and to cater the legal needs of the society. One such attempt made in to cater to the needs of the Government qualitatively is creation of Central Legal Service the forerunner of the present Indian Legal Service.

The digital revolution has changed the dynamics of information sharing and the economy has created new areas of wealth creation. This necessitates the ILS officers to update the legal skill and acumen to cater to emerging legal needs.

They being the Principal Legal Advisers to the Government have responded effectively and speedily to the demands made upon them by the various organs of the Government and play a pivotal role in both advisory as well as in drafting work. During the period from During the aforesaid period, 90 Cabinet Notes and 61 references relating to State Bills and Ordinances were received for Examination. Further, 12 Twelve Public Grievances were also dealt with by the Section.

During the year18 new cases on different subjects were sent for the opinion of the Ld. Solicitor General of India. The Section has rendered general and secretarial assistance to the Officers in the Department of Legal Affairs and Legislative Department of Ministry of Law and Justice and in location of precedent on different subjects. Attorney General for India has been re-appointed for a further period of one year.

SGI have been processed. During the period, about such proposals have been processed. During the said period, about 95such clarifications have been issued. During the said period, in response to such requests, Arbitration panel counsel have been engaged in about 90Arbitration cases. Under this obligation, about requests have been processed. The administration of the Notaries Act, and the Rules, framed thereunder comes under the purview of the Notary cell.

This Cell conducts inquiries into the allegations of professional misconduct on the part of the Notaries. The Notary Cell also renews certificates of practice of notaries, issued by the Central Government every five years. So far, approximately, notaries have been appointed by the Central Government in various parts of the country.

About Notary Certificates have been renewed during the period under consideration. The Bar Council of India is a statutory body established under section 4 of the Advocates Act, that regulates the legal practice and legal education in India.

Its members are elected from amongst the lawyers in India and as such represents the Indian bar. It prescribes standards of professional conduct, etiquettes and exercises disciplinary jurisdiction over the bar.

It also sets standards for legal education and grants recognition to universities whose degree in law will serve as a qualification for students to enroll themselves as advocates upon graduation. Certain States enacted their own legislation on the subject. This Act makes it compulsory for every advocate to affix stamps of the requisite value on every Vakalatnama filed in any Court, Tribunal or other Authority. Any practicing Advocate may become member of the Fund on payment of an application fee and annual subscription.

The Fund shall vest in and be held and applied by the Trustee Committee established by the appropriate Government. The Fund shall, inter alia, be used for making ex-gratia grant to a member of the fund in case of a serious health problem, payment of a fixed amount on cessation of practice and in case of death of a member, to his nominee or legal heir, medical and educational facilities for the members and their dependents, purchase of books and for common facilities for advocates.

Till All the reports received till The Commission also makes its reports available through its website i. During this period, Library and Research Section acquired numbers of how to arrange zoom meeting in hindi – none: and numbers of Bare Acts. To conduct Central Govt. Pleaders GP. Close liaison is being maintained with the concerned Departments and Counsels to safeguard the Govt. The Deputy Legal Adviser and other How to arrange zoom meeting in hindi – none: keep a close watch over the progress of the cases at each stage.

Litigation HC Section has been allocated budget of Rs. Y Further, fee bills to the tune of Rs. Counsel in cases to conduct the litigation in Delhi High Court.

Section wise details of receipt of cases and estimated receipt as follow:. Litigation High Court Sections. Counsel in cases to conduct the litigation in AFT Delhi. Details of receipt of cases are as follow:.

Government of India. Counsel to appear on their behalf in the Courts. During the period under report this Section engaged Counsels in Cases. Close liaison is maintained with the various Department as well as Govt. Counsels submit their fee bill in a prescribed format. The fee bills are scrutinized very carefully, having regard to the terms and condition of the appointment before how to arrange zoom meeting in hindi – none: and making payment at the prescribed rates.

Finance yearthis Section has how to arrange zoom meeting in hindi – none: budget of Rs. Out of this amount Rs. Accountant General offices. This office is presently looked after by an Additional Secretary; who has been declared as In- charge of this office and has been delegated the power of Head of Department.

He is assisted by 08 Government Advocates on regular basis and 01 Advocate-on-Record on contractual basis and other Gazetted and Non Gazetted staff.

As on Attorney General, Ld. Solicitor General and Ld. Additional Solicitor Generals. The Law Commission of India is constituted normally every three years with definite terms of reference to work for Law Reforms. The 22nd Law Commission has been constituted vide notification dated Identify laws which are no longer needed or relevant and can be immediately repealed. Приведенная ссылка laws which are not in harmony with the existing climate of economic liberalization and need change.

Identify laws which otherwise require changes or amendments and to make suggestions for their amendment. Suggest suitable measures for quick redressal of citizens grievances, in the field of law.

Law and Poverty: i. Examine the Laws which affect the poor and carry out post-audit how to arrange zoom meeting in hindi – none: socio-economic legislations. Take all such measures as may be necessary to harness law and the legal process in the service of the poor. Keep under review the system of judicial administration to how to arrange zoom meeting in hindi – none: that it нажмите для деталей responsive to how to arrange zoom meeting in hindi – none: reasonable demands of the times and in particular to secure: i.

Elimination of delays, speedy clearance of arrears and reduction in costs so as to secure quick and economical disposal of cases without affecting the cardinal principle that decision should be just and fair. Simplification of procedure to reduce and eliminate technicalities and devices for delay so that it operates not as an end in itself but as a means of achieving justice. Improvement of standards of all concerned how to arrange zoom meeting in hindi – none: the administration of justice.

Examine the existing laws in the light of Directive Principles of State Policy and to suggest ways of improvement and reform and also to suggest such legislations as might be necessary to implement the Directive Principles and to attain the objectives set out in the Preamble to the Constitution. Examine the existing laws with a view for promoting gender equality and suggesting amendments thereto.

Revise the Central Acts of general importance so as to simplify them and to remove anomalies, ambiguities and inequities. Recommend to the Government measures for making the statute book up-to-date by repealing obsolete laws and enactments or parts thereof which have outlived their utility. Consider and to convey to the Government its views on any subject relating to law and judicial administration that may be specifically referred to it by the Government through Ministry of Law and Justice Department of Legal Affairs.

Consider the requests for providing research to any foreign countries as may be referred to it by the Government through Ministry of Law and Justice Department of Legal Affairs.

Examine the impact of globalization on food security, unemployment and recommend measures for the protection of the interests of the marginalized.


How to arrange zoom meeting in hindi – none: –

Scheduling Online Meetings. Zoom offers many ways to schedule a meeting. A non-recurring meeting ID expires 30 days after the date the meeting is scheduled. International Conference on ‘भारतीय भाषाएँ: साहित्य और Regular Weekly Program on ‘Eminent Hindi Writer and Poetess Mahadevi Verma’. Authentication profiles allow hosts to restrict meeting participants and by default when hosts schedule a meeting/webinar but they can disable it.


Best Practices for Securing Your Virtual Classroom – Zoom Blog.


To book a meeting, click Schedule a Meeting on the Meeting window. Go to the meeting options tab. Briefly describe the topic or name of your meeting. Your final task should be saved. Our team can arrange a meeting at a different time in the future as well as a recurring one. Scheduling a meeting does not have to be done in one go.

Consider sending an invitation via e-mail or creating a calendar so that your participants can plan ahead. To obtain meeting IDs and schedule meetings, please visit the section below.

Scheduling a meeting as a host offers the option to join ahead of host if it is scheduled before your schedule. Pre-enforcing the invitation with attendees or mailing it out directly are two options for inviting them. Find out how to schedule meetings and what meeting IDs you need. Opening Hours : Mon – Fri: 8am – 5pm.

Click Meetings. Click Schedule a Meeting. Please choose how you will participate in the meeting. Click Save. Click Zoom Desktop Client for more information.

Schedule a meeting. Click the Meetings tab. If you choose the meeting you want to invite others to, click and Copy Invitation. The Zoom web portal is available to you. Meetings can be chosen by clicking them, then clicking Schedule. Identify your meeting topics and types. Note that some of these meeting options may not show up if your meeting options were disabled and locked to the off level of your account.

Save to finish. There are several options that you can use to join a meeting. Accurately enter your meeting ID number and your display name. Once connected, tap Join Meeting on the Join Meeting page if you want your audio or video to be connected.

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Authentication profiles allow hosts to restrict meeting participants and by default when hosts schedule a meeting/webinar but they can disable it. Click the Security icon and select “Suspend Participant Activities” to temporarily halt all video, audio, in-meeting chat, annotation, screen.

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