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How to connect zoom meeting with polycom – how to connect zoom meeting with polycom:

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The status light on the conference device may display green while the room is muted. The light only indicates if the microphone on the conference device is active. This is document aodp in the Knowledge Base. Last modified on Skip to: content search login. Jump to: navigation , search. What you would be dialing in the Polycom “Call” menu dialpad, would look like this: Geographical location address Room meeting ID number An example call in the United States would look like this: Category : Video Conferencing.

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. You will need to either start the meeting from the lectern PC and then exit the meeting on the PC but leave the Polycom in the call or start the meeting on the lectern PC but keep the Zoom app muted camera mute, mic mute. Polycom will enter the meeting directly or be held at a splash page until the Host Key is entered or until the Host starts the meeting via the Zoom client, on another Polycom, etc.

The default Active layout is used. Alternatively just 11 at the end would request the Gallery layout. Alternatively, the 11 or Layout options could be used As mentioned above, this will get a Polycom connected to the Zoom Cloud service, but all the other entries will need to be added by Touch Panel or Remote, following the prompts from Zoom.

You do not get a chance to enter the Layout options while connecting this way, but there are some menu driven options from Zoom that can be brought up by hitting 1, once in a call. These menu changes and features are not guaranteed to work with every system and every call, so some experimenting might be needed to understand the best use cases. Meeting Layout Options Not entering a Layout entry or 0 HostKey if you are the host in the dial string you will see the default layout, 11 will show Gallery, will show Full Screen.

When to use the Host Key. By default, Zoom does not allow any participant to share Content except the Host unless the Host allows for it through the Zoom application Note: this is an important distinction and an explanation can be found towards the bottom of this article.

If you are the Host and connecting from a Polycom system, you will need to add the Host Key to the dial string or enter the Host key when prompted on the Polycom screen. If you are hosting a Meeting and expect to have Polycom participants in your meeting and they will be expected to share Content, you will need to enter the Zoom meeting on a desktop or laptop and allow other users share Content.

When entering a Layout option in your dial string you will only be affecting what you see on your Polycom setup, not what other participants are seeing. On Polycom Group Series units, via the touch panel, you may be able to select various layouts on the Displays section. Are there any advanced options or control options when in a call? On the newer Group Series Polycom units these have a Polycom touch panel you may be able to call for screen layout changes from Zoom by interacting with the Polycom touch panel.

Ideally, you decide what layout you need ahead of time and enter that in the dial string. While in a call, you can enter 1 on the Polycom remote or Touch Panel.

That will bring up a menu from the Zoom cloud with additional options. Hitting while in a call brings up the Touch Tone option on a Polycom, hitting the number keys on the Polycom send touch tones to Zoom like a phone menu.



Connecting to Zoom in a Polycom Room – IT Public Wiki.


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